Saturday 14 May 2016

Gift of words - A poem for my students

It's always true that I learn much more from my students than they learn from me.  This poem is for the Cert Ed/PGCE classes of 2016, Barnsley and Northern Colleges, with thanks and love.

Alternative notes from a teaching observation

You're a juggler
A tight-rope walker
A spinner of plates -
In this three-ring circus
Where the show goes on

I observe in the wings
my view obscured
by the cloak you wear
and a blurred lens
that is not my own

It's a spectacle of faith, hope and circumstance
Of fear, joy and love
The best show on earth
I could watch a million times over

And I will wait and return
Because I know
That when the cloak falls from your shoulders
There will be no words left to write

Because the colours will be so dazzling
I'll have to turn my face away.

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